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Cryptic : Viseu (Portugal)

Cryptic : Viseu (Portugal)

Instructions : 

- Download the app ;
- Into the app download the sound walk ;
- Go to Adro da Sé or Jardim das Maes;
- Cross the points on the map to trigger sounds ;



Cryptic offers a parallel audio reality in real time that responds to the listener’s movements through the city. This interactive composition of forms and sounds works in harmony with the listener’s surroundings and the structure of each site. This project reimagines the city, enriching it with a creative, audible, sensory experience – a city that thrives on mobile satellite technology!

The project involves the placement of geometric shapes in open spaces such as parks, woods, and parking lots – spaces that are significant to the area. These shapes are generated using a software we have developed and may be accessed through an iPhone application that is available free from the App Store. They will be generated by a series of geolocated points to form circles, triangles, squares, rectangles, straight lines, and a combination of these shapes that will blend in with the aesthetic organization of the area in which they are situated, reflecting its geometry, dialoguing with it, or offering a new formal proposition that contrasts with the existing one. This project addresses environmental questions around ambient sound, atmosphere, tone, and the act of listening to city sounds in general. It has a certain utopic element, allowing the listener to reconfigure the city with a new audio reality, modifying his or her movements to create the sound texture of his or her journey. Defying urban geometry and producing a new order of sound, these geometric shapes offer a new way to experience the city!

The abstract content of this sound walk is inspired by some elements of Adro da Sé; its squared form, its sonic markers, its trajectories visible on the ground, a ground made of stones and rocks,. This raw conceptual material has been forged and composed on different invisible but audible layers, that will be revealed simply walking through the circles on the map.

The characteristic slope of the Jardim das Maes inspired structures and paths of this layered sound composition, questioning about unbalanced movements and harmonic gravity.
As raindrops guided by invisible strengths, imaginary and daily sound elements will follow your unpredictable movements, building an immersive audible reality.